If you’re like me, you have seen videos and/or read stories on these pesky buggers. Turns out that ‘Asian Carp’ is the general name given to a group of 3 carp from Asia; bighead, silver and black carp. Silver and bighead carp threaten game fish, such as salmon and walleye. The black carp is a bottom feeder that eats mussels, which threatens the sturgeon, and can grow to over 7 feet long! The silver carp likes to jump out of the water when the hear a boat or jet-ski motor. Now this has been a problem for other areas, not the Great Lakes. Thing is though, this could become a major problem for our Great Lakes if we do not act soon. Now I know there can be some amusement with these carp (like this awesome video a buddy of mine showed me of “Carp Hunters” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN2gMP3Q2Z4), but I would much rather enjoy playing on the Great Lakes not in fear of getting fish-slapped in the face. After researching for a little bit, I have found a few resources and websites that can inform you on the situation and what you can do to help!

First I found a nice page with FAQ’s on Asian Carp that you guys can check out for a little background info:http://www.asiancarp.us/faq.htm

And here is a few interesting ways that we can possibly help:




 So as you can see, there is a lot we can do. If you value the great lakes, inform yourself of this possible problem, spread the word, and lets take some action!!

 I hope that you are all enjoying this beautiful weather outside, and that most of you are able to make it out to your Great Lake!


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