Hello Everyone!

Jeff the Intern here, (or should I say the “Great Lakes Guru” that my new business cards say – thanks again Schreur Printing!) with a little update for you all on a few changes and more awesome things happening with MyGreatLake! One of the biggest things that is changing is that we have moved about 200 feet to our new headquarters. With the help of Trevan Thompson (and his vehicle) we loaded just around 700 T-shirts and sweatshirts into his car, and drove them down Kylen’s driveway to his barn. With a little set up and shifting things around in the barn, we then had a spot for inventory and started counting and loading all of the apparel onto our new shelves! (see picture)

Another big thing that happened was one of our largest orders of sweatshirts is now in inventory. So stock up for those colder summer nights (or cold summer days, 38 degrees on April 10?) in style with a new MyGreatLake sweatshirt.

I know I can speak for both Kylen and I that we are both super excited about this company and this summer. Keep spreading the word about MyGreatLake, and if you get a chance stop by the new H.Q. and check it out and say hi!

Thanks again for following the blog and for all the support, you guys are awesome!