A bounty of things happened in a mere two days.

On Friday, we took a drive north to visit the Outpost of Manistee. We had all day, and we decided to take a few scenic detours.

We made a quick stop in Grand Haven, where we found a classy looking sticker on a Jeep. Nothing gets me as excited as seeing other people stoked about My Great Lake! The road then took us to North Muskegon, a place I have never visited. The beach there is incredible! The calmness and clearness of the water was surreal. We walked out on the rock-piled pier and relaxed watching the loons swim under the water.

We got back on the highway to the sound of metal grinding and the roar of an exposed engine. The muffler of the Accord bit the pavement.

A car needs to lose more than a muffler to keep us from reaching our destination. The ringing in our ears forced a stop in Whitehall, where we grabbed lunch and made contact with a few stores there.

We reached Manistee and was taken away by the historic beauty of River Street. It’s the kind of city that is untouched from the time is was built in the late 1800’s. The Outpost in Manistee is unique as far as outfitters go. The coffee shop in the front of the store offers great coffee and organic tea from Traverse city, the gear is unique and the bike shop in the back ties the whole shop together. After a time of swapping travel stories, they made a purchase to test the shirts in their market!

Our trip home was mostly uneventful, nothing else fell off the car.

Saturday in Ann Arbor welcomed us with a downpour. A group of us went to watch the U of M spring football game, talk to some retailers and visit the significant other.

It was exciting to watch football in the spring, but I was confused about who to be cheering for! We stopped in Bivouac, who quickly became excited about the idea of carrying our shirts. They decided to carry Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior shirts! We couldn’t be more excited about our first retailer to carry Huron and Superior!

Stay sandy my friends,