Here is some sort of “Cameo Post” from a friend giving his take on his Great Lake: Lake Michigan!

This is going to be difficult to write without sounding like a 15 year old girl.

I want it to be summer.

I can’t help it. I want to go the the beach. It’s not my fault. I just got back from Florida, I should be all beached out. But it’s not the same. I need it to be warm in Michigan. I need to swim in a lake that I can open my eyes in. A lake that I can surf in for 2 hours and not immediately need to run for a shower.

Lake Michigan is that place.

I was walking up and down South Miami Beach in December and was subjected to all of the tourists (or shoebies, as my favorite ‘Rocket Power’ characters affectionately call them.) walking around in jeans and socks on the beach. At first I just laughed and said, “Look at those guys, never been to the beach before.” Then I said it again, without the condescending tone, “Look at those guys, never been to the beach before.” They literally have never been to the beach before. How were they supposed to know what to wear. Then I looked down at myself. How on earth did I know how to go to beach? I’m from further North than these fools.

Lake Michigan

How random is it, that the only people in America that don’t live near an ocean who know how to go to the beach reside in a state that is known for it’s snow and finite seasons. How random is it that the most beautiful beaches in America are closer to Canada than they are to Florida.

It’s a funny place, Lake Michigan. A place that doesn’t really make sense to me. A place where everything I hate about the world is condensed into 5 square acres of sand and raging teenage hormones. Walking around the beach at Grand Haven for me should be like a vegetarian walking into a Butcher Shop. All the over-the-top sunglasses and overpriced swimwear. All the uses of the word “Bro” and unnecessary acronyms. But it doesn’t bother me. And I have no Idea why.

Maybe it’s because it is impossible to be unhappy when you’re at the Lake. Maybe the fresh water is God’s antidote for cynicism. Maybe it can’t be explained accurately before it’s experienced. Maybe I’m the only person who feels this way. It’s happened before. But all I know is that I will continue to go to the Lake, no matter who or what is there. No matter how many toddlers mistake the lake for a toilet. And I will be nothing but happy.

So, friends, wear all the absurd sunglasses and expensive swimwear that you want, because when I see you, I’ll smile, wave, and say hello without judgement. Because it’s impossible to be angry when your at the Lake.

When you remember this, don’t thank me…thank the Great Lakes.

Kyle Roskamp

Stay sandy my friends,