My Great Lake Status Update – End of April

Hello there friends! Just thought I would drop a quick note again on what has been happening here at My Great Lake. There has truly been some awesome stuff happening. I am baffled each day by the support that you all are willing to give.

1. Many new ideas have been getting thrown around about new products, new colors, potential retailers, etc. (EXCITING!)

2 .Last weekend, Ky and I drove up to Manistee to deliver an order to The Outpost, and along the way we stopped at Silver Lake. We hopped out of the car, and started to mingle with those dedicated souls that were out in the dunes on that windy day! Handing out stickers and making conversations we made a few friends, Peng and Karen.

As I was on the dune, I just started thinking how awesome this whole thing is. I am involved with a company that deals with some of the most beautiful things on this planet, daily. The lakes, the dunes, the coast towns. All of these things make this all worth it. As well as all the support that we are getting from places you would not expect.

3. Kylen and I have also been trying (somehow) to schedule a few summer trips. I can not wait. They will be such a blast. We have a My Great Lake minivan that will take us from one awesome location to another on these Great Lakes. (Keep an eye out for us!)

4. We are still working out of the headquarters in Kylen’s barn, and so far it is working out well! We have had a few visitors, but always welcome more! We also may have a (great) problem soon with not having enough room to hold inventory. Some more shelving and other ideas are in the works!

5. Here is an awesome map of our current retailers. Check it out! Click on the map to see what each shop is carrying.

That seems to be about it for right now, thanks for reading! And thanks for the support!