It’s official, I am have finished my undergraduate degree at Hope College! To celebrate graduation and the launch of My Great Lake’s first summer use the code ‘StayingSandy2012’ for 12% off  your entire online order and, as always, free shipping!

Now that school is over, it’s time to do things that really matter, like take a summer-long road trip around all the Great Lakes.We’re planning on spreading the My Great Lake brand one lake at time. We will be stopping into as many outfitters, marinas and craftshows as physically possible, so if you know of any good ones near your lake, let us know!

Business aside, this trip is going to focus on experiencing everything the Great Lakes region has to offer. Jeff Ekdom, myself, and miscellaneous others will be hiking along coastlines, tossing the frisbee on countless beaches, kayaking, surfing (with our new board!), fishing, sailing… you name it, we will be doing it!

We like to call it market research.

We are inviting you, the people of the Great Lakes, to join us on our adventures. We want to meet you, visit your breweries, sail your waters and hear about your memories on your Great Lake. We’re looking for people who want to share their lake with us. (We’re also poor college grads… so food, lodging, a place to pitch our tent or even a tank of gas would go a long way!!!)

You can follow our trips through our Facebook or Twitter pages, or stay tuned to this blog by clicking the follow botton on the very bottom of this page.

Feel free to get ahold of us and we will let you know when we are coming through your town!

Stay sandy my friends,

Kylen Blom