I won’t update the blog everyday, but this morning I have big cup of coffee and some wireless internet, so why not?

Yesterday, the My Great Lake team assembled to embark on the first journey of the summer. The four of us picked up a new order of shirts, folded a couple hundred of them, packed the van, picked up tags, said a prayer and two of us drove north.

On this trip, a friend from Hope, Trevor, is joining me. Jeff the intern has a wedding this weekend, so he can’t make it. Trevor heard about the trip while we were discussing summer plans and what happens next as a college graduate. As students talked about getting real jobs and their success in the job market, I told them that I was taking a series of road trips around all the Great Lakes to promote My Great Lake. I made the offer to anyone to join me on a trip, Trevor was interested.

So the two of us, with a mini-van full of fresh shirts, first dropped off some more shirts to the Holland Outpost and headed to Grand Haven. We talked with the gals at MAC Kite, grabbed a brew at the Mitten Bar and then explored Go Gear in Muskegon. They will hopefully make a purchase soon.

Next, we brought a box full of shirts north to Ludington. 108 Threads in Ludington and Pentwater now carries the asphalt unisex tee, women’s heather blue and My Great Lake sweatshirts!

Manistee was the next stop, but we arrived too late and the Outpost was closed. However, we did get to see their awesome display in the front window! We meandered down the river and saw a sailboat come past the pier. On the sailboat was the owner of the Outpost in Manistee, Kyle Mosher!

By this point in was getting late, so we zipped north, watched the sunset in Frankfort and kept cruising to our friend’s place. He’s not here, so we decided to see what all the buzz was about and got a burger from Art’s Tavern. It’s well worth the hype!

Now it’s morning, and we have some planning and additional deliveries to make. The Totem shop in Glen Arbor will soon be stocked with My Great Lake gear and we’re hoping to make some more connections in the area. For a full list of retailers, click here.

Stay posted on what is happening by checking out our Facebook page or Twitter. Again, if you have any suggestions or want to meet up, shoot us an email!

Stay Sandy my Friends,