Simply: it was a wild success.

We met incredible people who were stoked about what we are doing. These people gave us places to stay, meals, gas, a night out, and bought a ton of shirts!

I’ll keep everything brief and not bore you with all the details… We started our trip on Monday, May 14th. We drove north visiting a few current retailers and wound up in Traverse City that night, Art’s Tavern for dinner. The next day we focused on all the shops in the North West region of Michigan, staying again in Traverse City.

An early morning (Day 3) got us on the road heading towards the bridge and stopping at a few more shops. The unfamiliar retailers really began to get excited about our new brand. After crossing the bridge we stayed with Ander’s family on the northern most shores of Lake Michigan. Day 4 we explored the U.P. and found a few more retailers interested in carrying the brand. We took a turn to the south and found ourselves in Green Bay. Lucky for us, my brother’s roommate offered us a couch at his parents place in Green Bay (Thanks McNulty’s!).

Day 5 took us up Door County (DoCO). This place was full of amazing outdoor shops, and we found the best. Bayshore Outdoor loved the idea and basically bought the remaining inventory. After a failed sailing attempt, we drove down to a campground in Sheboygan. The tent never made it on the trip, so we slept in the minivan.

Day 6 brought us south, through Milwaukee (Where we learned how to paddle board at Laacke and Joys) into the Chicago region. We stayed with good friends, the Bandys, and began looking towards the big city. The next morning we woke up and found some stellar shops in Chicago where stayed in the city and had a night out a handful of new friends.

We woke up the next morning and made every stop possible to delay returning home. We stopped in a couple shops already carrying the brand, got a few re-orders, and pulled into town mid-afternoon. We celebrated a successful trip at New Holland Brewery and began planning for the next trip.

What’s next? Lake Superior: May 30 – June 4. Follow our travels on Twitter: @MyGreatLake

Stay Sandy My Friends,

Kylen & Trevor