Superior has always held a special place in my heart. I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, but it was Lake Superior that taught to love the outdoors and eventually spurred the formation of this brand. The summer after 8th grade brought my dad, a few friends and myself to a little slice of heaven, Isle Royal. Sure I threw up for 4 hours on the ferry, but my first week spent backpacking would change my life forever.

I couldn’t wait to get on the road and explore the towns and cities along the powerful coast of Lake Superior.

The next post will have all details of the trip, I just wanted to tell you that Jeff, Trevor and I had an incredible time meeting & adopting new friends for 10 hour road trips, sleeping on cruise boats (the SAME ferry that I took to Isle Royal 8 years ago!), swimming in Lake Leelanau , and camping next to the Mackinaw Bridge.

The view from our campground on the first night.

After this trip, we are in the following retailers:
– Wet Mitten Surf Shop in Traverse City, MI
– The Beach Nut in Frankfort, MI
– Sleeping Bear Surf and Kayak in Empire, MI
– Getz’s in Marquette, MI
– Surplus Outlet in Houghton, MI
(Click here for the full map of My Great Lake retailers)
And an order of shirts on their way to Trail Fitters in Duluth, MN

Read the tomorrow’s blog post for pictures of the craziness and the depths of friendships from the last 5 days.

Stay Classy Sandy-eigo.