Ladies and Gentleman! It has been too long since we have interacted. We have been SUPER busy this summer, and there is so much going on. This is not an excuse, merely just an introduction to this long awaited update.


So lets go back about 2 or 3 weeks, and head to Grand Rapids. The My Great Lake team was there picking up our own new screen press! We have already started to use our new toy, so now the shirts you receive are not only packaged and shipped and everything else by My Great Lake, but they are PRODUCED by us as well- Pretty exciting stuff.


Fast forward to a few days ago on Saturday, and head out to the Holland State Park. The Outpost of Holland was hosting its 3rd annual Stand-Up Paddleboard Race, and My Great Lake was invited to bring a tent, and get the word out for people that love to be on their great lake. Setting up our tent next to the likes of Merrel, The North Face, Teva, and Quiksilver, you could say we were in good company!  People also loved all of the Boxed Water that we were handing out. ( )We met a bunch of awesome people that were really excited about what we were doing, and overall had a blast hanging at our great lake, Lake Michigan. Thanks again, Outpost!


NEW PRODUCT ALERT: While at the beach Saturday, we had a few of our new My Great Lake tank tops there, and they received a lot of attention. So much so, that we are going to put them in production! Be looking for them on the website very soon.  Also, it has been rumored that some My Great Lake hats are on the way as well, so keep your eyes peeled for those.


As always, we hope that you are enjoying your summer, and most of all enjoying the time you spend at your Great Lake!