Another interesting Alarm Clock awoke us on tuesday. There were about 20 geese right outside of our tent, and that is a tough thing to sleep through. We made the trek from Manitowac to Cheboygan and stopped at Paradigm Coffee. This place is legit. It is a coffeehouse/bike shop/concert hall all in one. It served a great cup of Joe as well. We then stopped at EOS Surf Shop also in Cheboygan, but we had to chase the owner down at his other shop – Revolution Skate Shop. We left some shirts there for him, and then made our way to Milwaukee to make a stop at Laacke & Joys right on the water. We were staying the night in Milwaukee and had a few hours to spare, so we were told to do a Brewery Tour at Lakefront Brewery. It was well worth it. We then headed downtown to Chris Ray’s (another friend of ours from hope) apartment, which was right downtown. He had the idea of doing $1 burgers at Bar Louis, and we could not turn that down. We then walked downtown a bit, with a very informational tour guide who knew everything about downtown… or maybe he didn’t.

Wednesday morning we fueled up both with unleaded, as well as a nice cup of coffee from Cedarburg Coffee and Roastery in the Milwaukee Market. We had been looking for a few spots in Chicago but decided that it might be a good idea to avoid the traffic, and head back to the Mitten. We stopped at Third Coast Surf Shop in New Buffalo and talked with Ryan, the shop owner, for a bit. We decided we needed to find lunch before the drive back home, and we saw David’s Delicatessen and stopped in. Turned out to be one of our favorite spots to eat, and one of the best cups of coffee from the whole trip. (we also left them some Boxed Water! One last stop to our friends down at Landsharks in Saugatuck, and then it was time to head back to the My Great Lake HQ, and unload the mess that had created itself in the back of the van.

Overall is was an amazing trip. We met some more awesome people, saw a few more beautiful places, but most importantly got to spend a week traveling along the coast of OUR Great Lake!